Living Fruitfully

He created us and saved us walk in the fruit of the Spirit and to bear fruit, fruit that will last. But how do we do this?

As we learn more about our Creative God and how He operates in our life, you will learn creative ways to become aware and activate His love. We teach you how to develop the spiritual habits that will help you walk in His steps.

No matter where you are in this present life, you have been created for a purpose. He is not finished with you yet. As long as we are on earth we are to live and move and have our being in Him.

We learn to relearn and develop our creative endowments, then we establish and solidify these by our habits. Next, we combine this new information to move forward with the purpose we find in Him. That purpose is always about serving others.

Thoroughly Inspired!

We will be released from the cocoon of ourselves and transformed into His likeness. Whether you are taking this course by yourself or with a group, you will enjoy the changes of perspective that are taking place in your life.

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Enhancing Your Creativity

Many have no doubt that our God is creative, but most of us think that all of His creative juices were exhausted after those six days. But, as you will begin to see, He creative realities are everywhere. Including within you!

Everything He gives us is good and it is for us because He loves us, but it is for us to share and not to keep it just to ourselves.

Building Spiritual Practices

We all know that we should have more spiritual disciplines in our lives. But we have already told ourselves that we can't do them, so we don't. In this section we will teach you how to aim and hit the target. You will learn about 13 spiritual practices that you can incorporate in your life. Your spiritual life will become alive in a whole new way.

Pursuing His Purpose

You may be just beginning this journey or you may be searching for meaning and contentment. You want to know how God can use someone like you. You maybe clueless about how you can move forward. As we seek Him we will not only find Him, He will show us creative ways to use our gifts, desires, and experiences for His glory.

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Written with Love

Ed and I have each walked in love and service with the Lord for over forty years each. Our desire is to share our heart and His grace with you, so that you, in turn, will do the same with others.

We pray that your life is ignited to share Him in all that you do.