The Video Courses are designed to help anyone find out who Jesus is, who He made them to be, and how to begin to live free and alive in Him, wherever they are.

The two Video Courses that are available, Intentional Inspiration and Presencing Practice seek to help people see that there is something more in this life and that they have been uniquely created by the Creator of the whole world for a distinct purpose and reason. He came for them to know that Jesus came that we might have life AND have this life more superabundantly. Find out more!

He is There

Our Creator is there, He is ready to catch us and answer us when we call upon Him. The objective of both courses is to bring us into a deeper understanding of how to actually walk in a relationship with Jesus that is real, active, and consistently growing in His love.

He is a creative Father that is actively still creating and that made us to be creative. We can walk in the newness of our purpose in Him when we develop the spiritual habits that enable us to abide in His beautiful presence.

Intentional Inspiration

The Video Course and the Workbook have 18 Sessions each including almost 5 hours of video teaching. All courses are based on the 3D Method:

Discovering Creativity, Developing Habits, and Deploy Mission.

Each of these areas in Intentional Inspiration are:

The Creativity of God, Building Spiritual Habits, and Finding His Purpose.

This is a way to lead and coach you into a whole new life with a renovated heart and a brand new perspective of who He made you to be.

Presencing Practice

God is living, present, and active in our lives. The Presencing Practice Video Course, which has 2 hours of video sessions, along with the Workbook, teaches you how to live and move in His Presence. This is the only place where true joy, peace, hope, strength, truth and love resides.

You will begin to see how He is creative and active in your world and the many ways that this benefits our lives.

Our culture consistently insists that we focus every aspect of our lives on ourselves. The result is a state of emptiness and hopelessness. In His Presence we learn ways to love and serve Him by serving others.

He Called Us All to be Fishers of Men and Women

When you are born again you want nothing more than to live in grateful service of feeding others what you have been given. Rather than simply giving you a fish we teach you how to fish, then, in turn, you can teach others how to fish, too.