Wonderous Wonders

The mind is most agile when it is "blown". It can then expand and seek new information and experiences. There are plenty of realities that provide the material for the knocking down walls. We only need to open our eyes, ears, mouths, and noses. Our fine-tuned universe and our molecular makeup will shakeup thinking minds and blow us away.

There is Something More

Life can seem empty in our search for significance. You know that you know there has got to be something more than just being alive. You feel lost, forsaken, and alone.

There is more, lots more, abundantly more. Take a leap and find out how to find it. You are here and you are ready at this point in your life to to find Him. Find more and find your significance in Him. He is the One that is drawing you to Himself.

Co-Creators with Him

The Lord made you magnificently creative in His Image. As a child of God, He has enabled you to join Him in what He is creating today in people, places, and things.

Usefulness of Fruitfulness

Learning to develop spiritual habits will help your ability to walk in His steps. They do not offer and merit or brownie points with the Lord. They offer something better; oneness with Him.

Finding a Purposeful Purpose

This might very well be the first time you that you find joy in living your life. As you learn to be grateful for where and who you are in Him, your perspective of your life unfolds.

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It Can Be

A Whole New World

Ed and Monica take a different approach to help you see your life and your world from a larger perspective. You may have been convinced that you just happened to have arrived on this planet. Aimlessness may have been the trajectory of your life.

They show you a way of seeing history and your search for meaning that will shed light and give you clarity. You will finally find what you have been seeking all this time.

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