Creativity 6 Session Intro

Part One

Enhancing Your Creativity Overview of the Six Sessions

Session 1 -The Creativity of God-This first session takes a look at the nature of creativity and how it flows to produce the creativity of God within us. We go through the different facets of creativity to gain a perspective of what creativity actually is.

Session 2 -In this session, Imago Dei, we learn that we are specifically created in the image of God, what this means for your life, and how we can and do express Him in our daily lives.

Session 3 – This session, Co-Creators with God, explores the reality of being a co-creator with God. He made us in His image and gave us jobs to do in His creation. We promote His purposes and His glory on the earth, through and for Him.

Session 4 – A new perspective emerges in Creative Realities, as we begin to be aware of the realities of His Presence is all around us. We will learn or relearn ways to once again allow creativity to express itself in our lives. You can create new perceptions in your world.

Session 5 – Creative Lifestyle-You will begin to allow this newly realized creativity to “flow” through each of your senses. We can experience so much more in this life simply by becoming tuned to seeing and perceiving through our senses.

Session 6 – This is an exercise in summarizing Part One and declaring and solidifying what you have learned and how you will utilize this information in your future. 

Each Session has a Worksheet with a Summary Worksheet at the end of each session. While it will be tempting to overlook these pages I encourage you to take each one seriously so you solidify every ounce of your growth. 

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