Intentional Inspiration Workbook Intro

Intentional Inspiration Workbook


Intro to Intentional Inspiration

This video introduces the entirety of the Workbook. This will be an overview to let you know what you can expect from the whole program.

In the Creativity Development Sessions, you will learn that you, too are endowed with creative abilities that have been suppressed out of your life. Our Creator has never stopped creating and has created you in His image to be creative also. Your eyes will be opened as you realize that there are not only creative inclinations within you, they can also be activated wherever you are in your life.

In Developing Spiritual Practices, you will learn how to cultivate spiritual practices that will transform your life. Adhering to these practices will not give you merit points with God, but they will put you in a position to be closer to His presence and with a greater ability to follow His will for your life.

Within Pursuing His Purpose, you will see how both your creative gifts have been developed by your spiritual habits to bring you to a point of finding that purpose. Your purpose is beyond just living this life and eventually dying. The Creator of the whole universe created you to affect someone else’s life, or maybe many people’s lives.  All your trials, tribulations, and experiences can be molded into the exact thing that others need to transform their life. Nothing is wasted in Him.

As you journey through this program it is our intention that you explore new depths of who you are in Him and who He created you to be. We hope that you find His Presence is right where you are, and you establish a momentum that craves more of Him and less and less of you. We desire that you come to a place in this life that gives you the assurance that you will spend your life in eternity with Him and that you have a new longing to fulfill the calling that He created within you. And you do it.

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